The game will never be the same.

Jeroen Tebbe


"Storytelling is not the story you tell yourself… it’s the story your clients share with each other"

 Jeroen Tebbe is a copywriter and creative strategist who was active in the (online) world of agencies in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. His creations include the bright yellow ‘Zeeman’ underpants, the awarded Zeeman knitting campaign ‘Muts Have’ (a nod to the English word ‘Must’ and the Dutch word ‘Muts which means hat), Bas Kosters for Zeeman.


He is the co-founder of The HomePlan Foundation, initiator of No House Wine, Mama Sopa and various others. He regularly gives guest presentations: Pfizer, Tony Chocolonely, HealthCare, AvansCMD Hogeschool and is connected to Perfect World Principle, as an associate partner for strategic innovations.

Network and work method

We like to work with a client. The closer the collaboration, the more effective the solution.


Storytelling people

This is the basic team we currently enjoy working with:

Tim van Laere: Grafic design, interactive design, photography /

Dabbe van den Brand: Interactive design, image editing, photography /

Sjef Kuijsters: policy advice/wicked problems / TWAALF

Martijn van den Boogert : Laser and 3D technology  Creative use of technology,

Gé Smit: Creative brain / trainer consult / Pitchman / Owner Go Other Directions 6.0

David Smith: Business innovations/ Perfect World Principle

Marjolijn Stappers: Design director and illustrator - Founder You May Also Like This

Jeroen Tebbe: Owner, Creative Business Consultant