Your product is your campaign, and visa versa.

Make your life Piggy Proof

Branding and product concepting

Orange Nano introduces the very latest and the very best in the field of protective Nano sprays… We call it Piggy Proof. Theme: Make your life Piggy Proof

Client: Orange Nano

Collaboration: Huge Rotterdam, Storytelling Product

Souvenirs for UNESCO

Collaboration project CMD, KesselsKramer and UNESCO World heritage

A museum with cool ideas

New at your local heritage

Together with lecturers and students from the education CMD, we developed 10 new souvenirs for UNESCO. These can be seen at the mobile exhibition that is currently travelling the country (Project initiated by KesselsKramers)


(1) Schroderhuis/ Rietveld, Pantoffels (2)Amsterdamse Grachtengordel,  Oliespuitje 'Canal' (3)Schokland, Moddersokken.

The Embassies of Breda

Since 2017

Story about Breda

Writing a story with a city

Everybody has their own story about Breda. Together with a top team of creatives and the city council strategist we turned it into one story again. Even Radio 1 was excited. Magnificent.

Client: Municipality of Breda

Concept Co-creation in collaboration with Storytelling Product

Design: Studio Yurr 

All of Holland at ZERO in 2028

Since 2016

Orange Energy Challenge

Saving CO2 is a game

A new type of game that gamifies the transition of energy. This project is still in the pilot stage, and together with media partners and VNG we are looking for a broader rollout.


Concept and realisation: Perfect World Principle, PRMansion, Storytelling Product.

Help managers improve their teams

Since 2016

Elan & Esprit

Turns committed employees into passionate co-workers.

TrainingsAgency Esprit&Elan helps managers to improve their teams. The video ‘Success code’ reveals the simple secret.

Client: Esprit&Elan

Animations:, Johannesburg

Strategy, full service: Storytelling Product

From local initiative to international label

Since 2008

No House Wine

Awarded for strategy and design

No House Wine is the first ‘charity’ wine in the Netherlands. Thanks to this label, over sixty houses have already been built for children in South Africa.

Worlds Best Packaging Design Forbes magazine. 

International on No House WIne  (and these 2 )

Design credits: Various  Wine partners: Deltawines . Site realisation: Sitesupport Client: HomePlan Foundation Strategy and execution: Storytelling Product

Successful employers are challengers

Since 2016

Goals. The Job Challenger

Disruptive strategy

Goals is the first agency to put employees at the heart of their approach. Goals wants to turn companies into employee challengers.

Storytelling Product developed the new strategy and positioning together with Goals.

Client: Goals. The Job Challenger

Building a creative platform as a strategy

Since 2015

Farmer in search of light

Upcycling with a wink

‘Farmer in search of light’ is a new ‘upcycle’ label that makes lamps from everyday objects that are found at and around the farm. This is an ironic farmer’s take on Dutch Design.


Client: Creative use of Technology

Concept: Storytelling Product

Social Benefit product quickly finds a market

TV Company RTL and the Postcodeloterij choose Mama Sopa

Mama Sopa.

Storytelling Product for Simavi

Mama Sopa is a small, but passionate line of soap that proudly supports the wonderful work that Simavi does. Results by the end of 2015: 50,000 trainings in hygiene for mothers in India.

Free publicity includes, in Vrouw Magazine, the Telegraaf newspaper, Volkskrant Magazine, Viva. It was on TV at the end of 2015 during RTL Postcodeloterij show.

Design credits: ‘you may also like this’ Marjolijn Stappers and Ina Meijer.
Soap manufacturer: Herbapharm/Regoed BV
Client: Simavi/Herbapharm

Concept: Storytelling Product


Crowdfunding for monuments

Since 2015

Urban renewal Breda

Get your share in the history of Breda

The Foundation Stadsherstel Breda renovates and preserves monuments in Breda. They organise successful fund-raisers via traditional mail and successful rentals thanks to a Facebook and Google strategy.

Client: NV Stadsherstel Breda/Van der Sande Makelaardij

Concept: Storytelling Product

It’s all about creating business

Since 2014

Plan to Happiness.

Storytelling Product for Plan Nederland

‘‘Plan Nederland designed a new line of jewellery. Theywent on to educateand train eleven womenin Nepal to make this beautiful jewellery.

Design credits: Marjolijn Stappers

Jewellery: A Beautiful Story

Client: Plan Nederland

Concept: Storytelling Product